Chantal Gautier, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Westminster, took part in The Conversation’s ‘The Anthill’ podcast commenting on whether confidence was enough for success in the workplace environment.

Talking about whether confidence can compensate for the lack of the right skills for a job, she said: “When acting a certain way, it shows as being more confident even if you don’t feel so. That will make you appear more confident in front of others and in turn you might actually start to feel that way.”

The podcast mentioned her recent book ‘The psychology of work’, where Chantal studies what makes organisations successful. When explaining the balance between confidence and competence, she said: “Competence is positively related to confidence levels but if you’re not very competent, the confidence will not carry you far.”

Chantal also talked about the importance of self-awareness, mentioning that overconfident people can struggle with putting risk and rewards into perspective. She concluded: “You don’t shy away from your shortcomings, you embrace it, you work with it, you get people around you to potentially complement you, so you don’t see it as a weakness but as something you can develop, to improve.”

Listen to the full interview on The Conversation from 16:40.

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