Dr Paresh Kathrani, Senior Lecturer in Law, wrote an article for The Conversation on recognising the rights of intelligent machines.

In the article, Dr Kathrani stated that “machines should receive rights because of their meaning to us” as human beings. He also referenced the fact that rivers in Ecuador and New Zealand have rights because of their importance to those countries.

The article explained how recognition of some intelligent machines, in ways that were previously used only for humans, is increasing and how their integration to our everyday life may be enough to grant them rights. Dr Kathrani argued: “It is as much for our own human sake, than for the sake of intelligent machines, that we ought to recognise the rights of intelligent machines”.

He concluded: “Unconsciously we are already recognising that how we communicate with and respect intelligent machines will affect how we communicate with and respect humans. If we don’t extend recognition to intelligent machines, then it will affect how we treat and consider humans”.

This article followed Dr Kathrani’s article for The Times which questioned whether artificial intelligence machines should get the same rights as humans.

Read the full article by Dr Paresh Kathrani on The Conversation.

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