Following Sadiq Khan’s recent pledge to increase the use of police stop and search, Dr Simon Flacks, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster, wrote an article for The Conversation, arguing the effectiveness of the method.

Dr Flacks argued that the government’s research does not contain enough evidence to suggest that weapon stop and search reduced crime and thus it supports the findings of other studies that question the effectiveness and efficiency of stop and search in general.

Discussing the main issues surrounding the stop and search method, Simon pointed to the fact that ethnic and racial disparities in who is being stopped still exist, with black people being eight times more likely to be stopped than white people, contributing to the marginalisation, and criminalisation of people from minority backgrounds.

Concluding the article, Dr Flacks wrote: “Maintaining the fantasy that stop and search provides an effective solution to the complex social and cultural problem of knife crime is, at best, wishful thinking and, at worst, an investment in the corrosive policing of marginalised communities.”

Read the whole article on The Conversation website.

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