Vacating students from Halls of Residence have donated 4,388kg of kitchenware, books, clothes and food equivalent to the weight of an adult African elephant.

The collections have saved 55,880kg of C02e, comparable to the carbon of 36 return flights from London to New York.*

The items collected will be offered to Incoming students in September for as little as 10p each, giving them a new home and reducing the amount of brand-new equipment having to be bought.

June’s collection of 4,388kg is double the collection of 2,181kg in June 2013. This increase has been a result of increased promotion and student engagement with one in three students receiving a collection bag wrapped in a flyer explaining how the project works.

Alex Fountain, the Sustainable Behaviour Assistant said “Every Halls of Residence has done a fantastic job in communicating the project and delivering collection bags. Thank you to all of the receptionists and residential assistants for all of their hard work.”

The reuse project would not have been possible without the help of the residential services managers, the halls of residence receptionists, residential assistants and Jenny Caton from Estates and Facilities. For more information on the reuse project go to the Sustainability blog.

* According to Climate Care a return flight from London to New York generates 1.36t of carbon dioxide in the 6,885 mile return journey.

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