Matthew Cook, a partner of the International Eco-Cities Initiative, will be presenting on the role of the citizen in smart city standards, at an event entitled ‘Shaping data standards for future cities’ in Glasgow on 19 May.

He will be speaking at the event organised by The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) and SASNet, in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI). It will bring together local authorities, researchers and innovators to identify the challenges facing cities, discuss potential solutions to common problems and look at the role and future of smart city standards.

The study being presented was undertaken by Matthew Cook, Simon Joss and Youri Dayot, and aims to address the lack of research into citizen-centric approaches to smart city development. It investigates the citizenship mode present in the smart city standard of the BSI.

Drawing upon the notion of citizenship regime and using both quantitative and qualitative methods, the analysis reveals key discursive frames which shape the smart city and the particular citizenship dimensions brought into play. The research suggests that there is a strong citizenship rationale guiding the smart city standard, which is emblematic of the emerging smart city development discourse, and which displays some shortcomings and contradictions. The presentation will conclude with recommendations for further research.

The findings of the research will be published as an article in the Journal of Urban Technology in summer 2017.

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