Meet Professor Alexandra Warwick and find out why Westminster is the right choice for studies in English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing.

Alexandra is head of department and has responsibility for making sure the student experience is as exciting and intellectually stimulating as possible. Find out more about how Westminster offers a dynamic environment for students in the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies.

What’s the best bit of your job as the Head of Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies?
I love the Graduation ceremony. I’m always so proud to see all the students receive their degrees – they look so happy and fabulous in their gowns.

What’s the most exciting thing about teaching undergraduate students?
Students bring such energy and new ways of looking at the subject, so it’s very stimulating to be in seminars and tutorials and to be seeing the subject through new eyes.

What was the highlight of the academic year in 2015/2016?
To get so many nominations for the teachers in our department in the Student Awards – it’s great to know that the students know how good our staff are.

What do you hope to achieve in 2016/2017?
As I hope every year – that the staff and students in the department can work together to keep up our high standards and high levels of achievement.

What’s been the biggest student success in your time working at the University of Westminster?
I think success comes in many different ways. We have had students who have gone on to high-profile jobs in the media and that’s a very public success, but I also think of many students who we have helped through difficult times to achieve a good degree and to get a job in which they are happy. That’s a much quieter success, but just as big in the life of the person who achieves it.

What makes you passionate about the study of English?
It’s about what it means to be human and to be alive, and it shows us the experiences, ideas and emotions of people from every time and place. How could that not be exciting?

What advice would you give to new students joining us in 2016/2017?
Be engaged. A good experience isn’t one that gets handed out, but one that you make for yourself. Take up all the opportunities that are on offer and make your university experience one to remember.

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