Dr Andrew Caink is the course leader in the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies. He has extensive experience of supporting students and plays a key role in welcoming students to Westminster each September.

What’s the best thing about being course leader for the English Language and Linguistics BA?
The new academic year beginning. It’s exciting to see so many students starting out on their course and to be able to see the potential that each one has.

What advice would you give a student starting out at university for the first time?
Make the most of it! There’s so much on offer that you might never get a chance to do again, so grab the opportunities that come your way.

Why do you think the English Language and Linguistics BA has done so well in the 2016 National Student Survey?
Teachers on the course really care about the students - they want students to do well and it shows in their enthusiasm and dedication.

What made you want to get involved in teaching in higher education?
I wanted to be able to make a difference – to play a part in helping people transform their lives.

What are your biggest successes?
I’m very proud of all the first class degrees that students have achieved, but I’m just as proud of all those that have gained a 2.1 when they started out thinking it was beyond their reach.

What is the best part of your job?
Teaching. It’s one of the most exciting and challenging things that you can do. It’s exhausting too, but always dynamic and full of energy.

How does your research inform your teaching (and vice versa)?
I work on linguistics, which is the study of language, so the diversity of the community of students and staff is a constant stimulation because I come across new uses of language every day.

What do you love about working at the University of Westminster?   
It’s the most friendly and supportive academic environment I have ever been in; it feels like a real community.

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