The University of Westminster will be leading a project in collaboration with the Jharkhand State Urban Planning and Management Institute (JUPMI), as part of the programme Smart Urban Development in Indian States – funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DfID).

Urban development in India, Ranchi

The JUPMI was recently established to strengthen institutional capacity in pursuit of Jharkhand’s urban growth and smart city development strategy. Ranchi, the state capital city, is part of the government of India’s Smart City Mission.

The University, together with external partners, will provide expertise and technical training on institutional governance, urban planning, infrastructure management and financing, and sustainable development. Simon Joss will contribute academic input on smart cities, drawing on a comparative case study of UK smart city initiatives as well as a recent global smart city survey.

The project is led by Professor Johan Woltjer ([email protected]). For further information, please contact Dr Tony Lloyd-Jones on [email protected] and/or Professor Simon Joss on [email protected]

Visit the Smart-Eco project page for more information about our ongoing smart city research.

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Image: the city of Ranchi. Credit: Biswarup Ganguly / Wikimedia Commons.

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