The new Smart Cities UK 2016 report, which contains preliminary findings on 'smart' city initiatives in 73 UK cities, is available now.

'Smart’ cities are becoming a pervasive phenomenon both in the UK and internationally. 

But what is a ‘smart’ city? One way of answering this is to see how the word is used in practice.

This is the approach taken in the new Smart Cities UK 2016 report, authored by Dr Frederico Caprotti and Dr Robert Cowley of King's College London. The survey forms part of the multi-centre SMART ECO research programme which looks at smart, eco and low-carbon cities across Europe and China. The International Eco-Cities Initiative has contributed to the survey of UK smart cities initiatives, including an ongoing case study of the Smart London initiative led by Professor Simon Joss.

Smart Cities UK 2016 looks at the types of programmes that fall under the ‘smart’ label, the emphasis of different themes in different cities, and the types of programmes that make up smart city activities.

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