24-year-old Hussain Manawer, who graduated with a Quantity Surveying BSc Honours degree from the University of Westminster in 2012, will make history as the first British Muslim to go into space after winning the Kruger Cowne Rising Star Programme.

Following news of British astronaut Tim Peake blasting off into space on 15 December, we asked Hussain about his thoughts.

How did you spend the day when Tim Peake was launched into space?

I was in a school in Nottingham giving an inspirational workshop. When I saw the news and my Twitter it gave me real goosebumps!

What were your key take-aways from the broadcast?

How smart, slick and cool he looked. He made it look so easy!

What thoughts and feelings did you have?

I was really nervous for him.

How will you prepare for the launch?

Train, eat right, mentally prepare, listen to my advisors.

If you could take one thing into space, what would it be?

My mum!

Tim Peak went through rigorous training to prepare for his trip to space. How do you think your time at Westminster prepared you mentally for going into space?

Learning to deal with the high levels of stress running to the coursework submission box to hand in my work before it closed!

Hussain will make his journey to the area between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space in 2018.

Watch Hussain’s winning keynote speech.

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