Ruth Sacks has been interviewed by the Financial Times about the business schools' role to get female executives to the top.

According to the Financial Times, business schools are trying to address the fact that some women still lack belief in their suitability for specific senior leadership roles and Westminster Business School has been one of the pioneers to support them, by launching the Women for the Board programme.

The six-day course, aimed at women who are no more than two steps away from the board, is in its inaugural year. Ruth says that the decision to launch the programme was partly inspired by the 2011 release of the UK's first government-sponsored report Women on Boards, by Lord Davies. The report led to the UK's adoption of a target for female representation on boards and noted barriers that prevented women from rising to the highest ranks in business.

Ruth has also done some market research before launching this innovative programme and asked women who are on boards about what they wished they had known.

The full interview is available on The Financial Times website. The newspaper has also published a graphic on the progress of senior women around the world at

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