Westminster Business School has developed a new Google Site aimed at helping prospective and new students get a better idea of what it is like to study at WBS.

Filled with hints, information and suggestions and targeted at both undergraduates and postgraduates, it gives incoming students an opportunity to learn about the School and familiarise themselves with key aspects of getting the most out their study time. Developed by Federica Oradini and David Chalcraft at the Dean’s request, and with input from Andy Smith of the SU, Sophie Misrahi of Smoke TV, Vissen Limbeea and Gunter Saunders of Educational Technology, it gives a student as well as a staff perspective throughout.

This is just the  first step. Fresh pages and information will be added to develop this into a valuable resource that will present the School in an appealing way to help generate interest in coming to WBS as well as helping new students prepare for their studies.

The site can be viewed here.

Suggestions for improvements are welcomed; just contact David or Federica.

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