Darrell Kofkin, Project Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Rwanda programme, was featured in Rwanda News Agency and Hope magazine commenting on the University of Westminster’s partnership with the University of Rwanda to boost social entrepreneurship.

The unique collaboration between the two Universities, which was launched last July to boost social entrepreneurship in Rwanda, enables student from both universities to develop a range of social enterprise projects that seek to transform Rwandan society.

In an interview for Rwanda News Agency, Darrell Kofkin said on the programme: “With the support of my Dean at University of Westminster, Professor Malcolm Kirkup, we successfully obtained funding from the University of Westminster’s Quintin Hogg Trust. The Project is proving tremendously successful. I wanted to enable students from different backgrounds, different nationalities, to work together to transform not only their own view of the world, but also transform the lives of Rwandans from the social impact projects they could create together.” 

He added: “The University of Westminster is keen to ensure that its students become global citizens and this project is very much supporting and facilitating that vision. From my perspective, I am very proud of my team that came to Rwanda with me. They achieved a remarkable week supporting all the students and I.

“We received remarkable funding from the University of Westminster’s charitable trust for the first year of this project and we are immensely grateful for the support we received. In order to move it all forward and to make it sustainable, we are putting in place a more solid foundation to move it to the next stage. “

The programme was also featured in Rwandan magazine Hope.

Read the full interview from Darrell Kofkin for Rwanda News Agency.

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