Regina Keith, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for the Global Public Health Nutrition MSc, wrote a guest blog post for the UK NGO Results UK calling on action from communities to support breastfeeding until six months.

Regina explained the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding infants until they are six months old and also highlighted the challenges that mothers face today in order to do this. Even though breastfeeding has proven to be essential for a child’s upbringing, there are still many ‘buts’ attached to doing it. She said: “Peer support and counselling do lead to infants being breastfed for longer.”

Currently, only 1% of UK infants are still being breastfed at six months. According to Regina, the need to go back to work, lack of effective support and aggressive marketing of breastfeeding substitutes are the most common causes for those low figures.

She concluded: “Health workers, especially midwives, health visitors and nursery nurses, need to ensure women are provided with effective information and support for optimal feeding.” Regina promotes increased global capacity in public health nutrition and the right to health and nutrition for all as part of the Executive Committee of the World Public Health Nutrition Association.

Results UK is an NGO that aims to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Its campaigns are backed by in-depth research and political expertise to guide policymakers towards decisions to improve access to health, economic opportunities and education. 

Read the full post on Results UK.

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