Two academics from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment have carried out IOC funded research into cultural aspects of the Olympics.

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Dr Nancy Stevenson developed a study "London 2012: Developing a Cultural Legacy for Local Communities in Hackney.  Her report identified identifies potential legacies arising from cultural activities and the challenges faced when attempting to capture Games legacies for local people. She concludes that the impact of these programmes is likely to be minimized by their insecure funding base and low profile in the context of the focus on the main event in 2012. Her report is available at
Dr Ilaria Papplepore investigated ‘The Olympic Games’ Cultural Programme and Its role in Fostering Local Creativity’.   Her report explored the perceptions of local people in the creative industries in London and Turin towards the effects of the Cultural Olympiads and their work and creativity.  The main advantages identified were in developing new products, achieving greater visibiltiy and creating 'cultural buzz'. Her report is available in the University of Westminster Research Repository.

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