Research in progress and seminar sessions organised by CSD. All sessions take place on Tuesdays.

6 October: Research in progress

Ricardo Blaug, What Quantification Does.

13 October: Research in progress

Dibyesh Anand, Colonial Practices of Postcolonial States.

27 October: CSD/DPIR Seminar

Stijn van Kessel, University of Loughborough: Populist Parties in Europe: Agents of Discontent?

10 November: CSD/DPIR Seminar

Eric Kaufman, Birkbeck, University of London: Why China is Content to Stay at Home: Ethnic Heterogeneity and Interstate Conflict.

17 November: CSD/DPIR Seminar

Cynthia Weber, University of Sussex: Queer International Relations.

24 November: CSD/SPIR Seminar

Robbie Shilliam, Queen Mary, University of London: When Britain Loved Rastafari: Struggles Over Imperial Belonging.

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