Professor Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy, wrote an article on Boris Johnson’s pledge to deliver Brexit by the end of October.


In the article, Professor Catterall explained how Boris Johnson, currently the frontrunner for the leadership of the Conservative Party, warned of the future of Tory MPs if they do not deliver Brexit by the end of October.

She explained: “We should perhaps leave to one side what Johnson meant by delivering Brexit. Given that the EU has made it crystal clear that negotiations will not be reopened, whatever the fond illusions of various Tory contenders, the obvious implication is that the Johnson version of Brexit means no-deal.”

Concluding, Professor Catterall said: “Johnson, with Etonian insouciance, may think he can keep those voters onside. This, rather than his project fear that the Tories must do Brexit by the end of October or face extinction, may prove to be an even bigger, and even more unwarranted, assumption.”

Read the full piece on Reaction. 

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