Professor Simon Joss has published an article in the magazine Public Sector Executive about smart cities, their technological innovation and local engagement.

The latest issue of Public Sector Executive (December–January 2017) includes a special section on smart cities and Professor Joss has written the opening feature, titled Smart Cities at a Crossroads. Based on a recent review of over 60 smart city initiatives across 10 UK cities, he discusses key practice trends.

The article outlines four distinctive functions of smart city initiatives (‘service use’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘civic’ and ‘political’) and it highlights some of the opportunities as well as challenges facing smart city innovation.

Other articles in the series discuss the potential of smart cities to facilitate collaborative technological innovation, the benefits of digital standards for local government and smart city practice sharing between the UK and India.

Read the feature article (PDF).

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Image copyright: Simon Joss – Daejeon 'smart city'.

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