Head of Westminster Business School’s Department of Leadership and Professional Development, Professor Richard Harding, has a new book out this month. Published by Bloomsbury, Modern Naval History: Debates and Perspectives is a guide for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of naval history and its contemporary relevance.

The book demonstrates the importance of naval history today, showing its relevance to a number of disciplines and its role in understanding how navies and business relate to each other. Professor Harding explains why, despite slipping from the attention of policy makers and the public since 1945, naval history can illuminate answers to current questions relating to economic, diplomatic, political, social and cultural history.

Naval history originally emerged primarily as a device for educating statesmen and officers. The book emerged from Professor Harding's interest in trying to understand how naval history is perceived in contemporary British society.

Naval history is thriving more than it ever has before. It’s deeper. It’s richer. It’s more analytical than it has been for many years. But the key thing that probably isn’t being done now, is to link the public back to understanding what sea power is and how sea power operates.
Professor Richard Harding

Read an interview with Professor Harding on the Westminster Business School Blog. Reviews of Modern Naval History: Debates and Perspectives are available on the Bloomsbury website.

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