Gillian Youngs, Professor of Creative and Digital Economy and Head of Innovation and Impact at the University of Westminster has been awarded the John Urry Fellowship.

Following his recent passing, The John Urry Fellowship was established to continue Urry’s academic tradition and the pursuit of truth in order to make the world a better place through global collaboration, and the practice of collegiality and argument with respect.

The fellowship is awarded to a scholar whose research connects to Urry’s work which covered many topics including sociology, tourism and mobilities.

Professor Gillian Youngs has more than 20 years academic experience working on technology and change and researching the internet’s impact on society and economy. While engaging in international work with participation in UNESCO projects and NGO networks spanning multiple continents, Professor Youngs is also the co-founder of the International Feminist Journal of Politics.

Professor Youngs said: “This is a great professional and personal honour for me as John Urry’s work has influenced and inspired me from my early days as a globalization scholar through to my more recent work on digital economy.”

The fellowship is an opportunity to share the work of John Urry; recognising the significance of time within social contemporary social analysis; and how this has impacted Professor Youngs own academic work on globalisation and digital developments.

The John Urry Fellowship, ‘in dialogue with John Urry’, is hosted by the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University where John Urry was based throughout his academic life, and administered by the Centre for Mobilities Research, which he founded.​

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