Principal lecturer Jane Thorburn screens her documentary ALAGBA at the British Museum's much anticipated 'Kingdom of Ife' featuring West African medieval sculptures, free on 9th April at 1.30

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The film about the Niger Delta; Alagba, examines an arduous and elaborate ritual that takes seventeen years to complete. It is narrated by Nigerian born sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp..

Thoburn, also known for her films and documentaries around Nollywood, says of ALAGBA: "Costume is so important that violence nearly ensued when young men thought that one masquerade was wearing a leopard skin that only they had the right to wear. Violence has become so much a part of modern life in the Delta region that this cycle may never be performed again"

The young male initiates of the SEKIAPU society perform extremely arduous tests in elaborate masquerade costume. Failure can bring a severe beating from the crowd but success brings honour and celebration.

This programme explains the exciting and colourful masquerade in detail through the eyes of the participants, the young men, elders, the new chief drummer and the largely female audience - who are not supposed to know the secrets of the all male Sekiapu Society.

Two documentaries about Nollywood featuring Kunle Afolayan and Ramsey Nouah will be showing twice each on HiTV on Sky epg 204

The time slots for the programmes are all at 8.00 pm

  • 4th April - Nollywood just doing it
  • 11th April - Nollywood 2 doing it right
  • 18th April - Nollywood just doing it
  • 25th April - Nollywood 2 doing it right

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