As you are probably aware, Southern Rail has planned to take industrial action on the following days which coincide with the semester one examination period:

  • Tuesday 10 January
  • Wednesday 11 January
  • Friday 13 January

The University appreciates that if the industrial action goes ahead, it will cause disruption to large groups of students and staff, and as a result we will be implementing the following procedures in the event of severe disruption to public transport as detailed in the University of Westminster’s Academic Regulations (7.110 - 7.115) on the 10, 11 and 13 January:

  1. Morning examinations will start and finish 30 minutes later than scheduled (start at 10:30am)
  2. The timings of afternoon and evening examinations will not change and will start and finish at the scheduled times
  3. Students will be admitted to the examination room up to one hour after the start time of the examination; however, no additional time will be allowed. This is applicable to all exams – morning, afternoon and evening
  4. No student will be admitted to any examination more than one hour after the start of an examination
  5. No student will be permitted to leave the examination room (other than where accompanied by an invigilator) until one hour after the start of the examination
  6. Where a student arrives late, the invigilator will note the time of their arrival on the student attendance sheet.

On all other days exams will start at the normal scheduled time.

If you are affected by the industrial action we advise you to investigate alternative travel arrangements immediately. You should bear in mind that disruption to public transport inevitably puts pressure on other forms of transport services too, therefore you are advised to allow more time for your journeys irrespective of your mode of travel.

You are reminded that under the assessment regulations, it remains your responsibility to be present at the examination room in good time.  Please be aware that normal rules for mitigating circumstances claims apply and the travel disruption will not normally be accepted as a reason for non-attendance at an examination as there are alternative transport arrangements available.

If you have any questions, please contact your Faculty Registry Office.


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