Eva Abelling, who graduated from the University of Westminster this summer, has won the Metro Mentorship 2016 competition run by Metro Imaging.

Eva has been awarded a 12-month Metro Imaging Mentorship, a year-long tailored programme from the experts at Metro Imaging, as well as her own solo exhibition.

Eva won the award for her graduate photo collection, showcased in the end of year show, called I Thought There Was Something. The collection is based on dreams and nightmares and how they can represent the dreamer’s hopes and fears.

Using static, grainy colour images Eva portrays different aspects of dreams, from landscape images to close photographs of people lying in a bed.

Born in Bremen, Germany, Eva studied and worked in Barcelona before moving to London to join the University of Westminster.

Speaking to the British Journal of Photography about her work, Eva said: "I printed my photographs on drawing paper, coloured paper, watercolour paper, note book paper and envelopes. I combined the different-sized prints with poetry and text to convey a constructed message.

"It is essential to use your own imagination and thoughts in order to understand the deeper meaning of the project. Like a poem, it takes time to find your own subjective truth to this photographic project."

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Image: Eva Abelling 

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