Mental well-being matters. Find out how to look after your mental health, learn more about mental illness and challenge the misconceptions that people have, and get information and advice on where to turn for help if you need to.

10 October 2012, 12-4pm - Harrow Campus  

11 October 2012, 12-4pm - Cavendish Campus 

There will be a programme of activities, delivered by external organisations and University services, including talks, workshops, relaxation activities, quizzes and DVDs.

Download the World Mental Health Day flyer


  • Food for Thought: Are you a yo-yo dieter or do you eat for comfort? An opportunity to think about your relationship with food and eating and its impact on your life (Sue Line, Counsellor)
  • What a man’s gotta do: A workshop about what men expect of themselves and what others expect of them. Both men and women are welcome (Colin Murphy, Counsellor)
  • Accessing Psychological Services: Renuka Jena, Harrow Adult Mental Health Services

There will also be relaxation sessions:

  • Mindfulness meditation session, run by Yusuf Kaplan, Inter Faith Adviser
  • Well-being and relaxation session, led by Di Hurley, Harrow Adult Mental Health Services
  • Relaxation session, run by Pam Delamere, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust


  • The Westminster IAPT Psychology Service – an outline of the services they provide
  • How to access psychological services, Harrow Mental Health Service DVD – Open Secrets, from Community Health Action Trust


External organisations

University services

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