A busy month event wise at the Centre.

Firstly Paresh Kathrani organised You Robot – an excellent and well attended event in Portland Hall. More details about the You Robot event. This is part of a series of events relating to Law and Artificial Intelligence organised by Paresh.

The next event was something of a departure for the Centre, in collaboration with our Faculty friends in ELCS. The Shaken and the Stirred was organised and facilitated by Writer in Residence Mike Garry, and was a great success. Read more about The Shaken and the Stirred, including a beautifully written review by Mette Hyllested, a Linguistics and Creative Writing student.

Finally, we were delighted to invite some special guests to the Law School at the end of October for the Artist Contract in the Digital World event. With around 150 guests the Portland Hall was packed out, and it was a homecoming of sorts for one of the participants, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), who had practiced in the basement of our building in the 1960s, initially as part of Sigma 6, and subsequently as a member of Pink Floyd in 1967 and 1968.

We also arranged a display of gig posters from the swinging sixties and a Chris Ellins curated Spotify playlist to mark the occasion. A full review of this event will follow separately.

We have some other great events coming up, so please have a look at our Events section. We are also delighted that one of our Entertainment Law LLM students, Fiona McGugan, has discussed a paper developed during her LLM on Creators’ Rights in the Digital Landscape for Musictank.

In other news, we were delighted to hear that Danny Nicol has been offered a contract for his monograph on Doctor Who. There were some good reviews of The Magic Screen to which Guy Osborn contributed. Sight and Sound noted that: "This excellent book demonstrates that its claims to attention extend in both directions from that epochal occasion in the last years of Queen Victoria, forward into more recent times, and further back in the past......a history of the cinema in the guise of a history of a cinema, this is an exemplary publication, superbly illustrated in full colour."

The book is still available to purchase from all reputable stockists, more information about Westminster publications.

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