The University of Westminster is delighted to announce two new research studentships have been made possible though collaboration with Make My Day Better, a charitable organisation dedicated to helping improve people’s lives through projects in the UK and overseas.

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The Make My Day Better Herbal Medicine Research Scholarships are aimed at examining the value of herbal medicine treatments for stress and anxiety from the perspective of practitioners and the patient experience.

Candidates will be selected through a competitive process based on their academic excellence and aspirations in the field of study.

Peter Stephens, trustee of Make My Day Better, said:“Traditional medicine, which has been practised around the world for centuries, is undergoing a renaissance.

"Much of the understanding was forgotten in the West after the discovery of antibiotics, but there is now an increasing demand for natural alternatives to proprietary drugs.

"The University of Westminster is one of the leaders in the UK in the development and teaching of herbal medicine, and we are funding two projects over the next four years to define best practice in herbal medicine.”

Jane Lewis, dean of the School of Life Sciences, where the two researchers will be based, said: “We are delighted at this new research opportunity and thankful to Make My Day Better for making it possible.

"Our school prides itself on active research and post-graduate programmes, and we expect that these two new research projects will bring clear benefits for the understanding, teaching and further research of herbal medicine. We hope their findings will have ramifications for both policy and practice.”

The two new scholarships come as a worthy addition to the scholarships programme at Westminster, which has been recognised as one of the strongest in the UK higher education sector.

The work to strengthen scholarships offer to promising young talent has become increasingly important with the imminent changes in how higher education funding is structured, and the University remains committed to raise funds for an additional 100 scholarships.

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