Dr Stephanie Roberts has published the following, drawing on her pioneering work on Innocence projects: Roberts, S and Weathered, L ‘Assisting the Factually Innocent: The Contradictions and Compatibility of Innocence Projects and the Criminal Cases Review Commission’ (2009) 29(1) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 43-70.

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Some more work has been published from the long standing collaboration of Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn with Professor Peter Robson from the University of Strathclyde:
‘Judge John Deed: British TV Lawyers in the 21st Century’
Matlock – America’s Greatest Lawyer? A Transatlantic Perspective’ 

Both of these appear in Michael Asimow’s edited collection Lawyers in your Living room (2009, ABA Press) and can be accessed via Guy Osborn’s SSRN page and purchased here

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