Professor Kerstin Mey, Dean of the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design is one of the signatories of the manifesto which takes a proactive response to the challenges, and opportunities, Brexit will offer creative education.

The manifesto, which was launched on 11 September at Portcullis House, celebrates Britain’s creative education and focuses on being both pragmatic and optimistic about the future of the creative industries after Brexit.

Devised in 2017 by the All-Party Design and Innovation Group, APDIG, along with the Council for Higher Education in Art and Design, CHEAD, of which Professor Mey is Vice Chair.

In March 2019, the UK will leave the European Union and the potential of Britain’s creative industries plays an important role in the negotiations following Brexit.

Speaking about the manifesto, Matt Hancock MP, minister of state for education and culture, said: “creative industries will be absolutely central to our post-Brexit future”. Together they have become the fastest growing sector of the UK-economy making space for innovation across all sectors of the economy.”

Higher Education institutions act as a catalyst for both national and regional development and the manifesto aims to map the importance of creative education with the effect it has on developing post-Brexit Britain.

Commenting on the importance of the manifesto, Professor Kirsten Mey said: “Given the importance of creativity for the future well being and wealth of society, communication across cultures and a peaceful world, it is crucial that we do all we can to maintain the free flow exchange of ideas and talent.”

The UK’s higher education institutions continue to attract the best talent from other EU nations with the EU-wide freedom of movement and our diverse cities. These values are threatened by Brexit however the manifesto aims to influence negotiations surrounding both existing and future staff and students. The University of Westminster is committed to supporting diversity and equal opportunities for our students, staff and the public.

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