The University of Westminster will offer students a chance to understand and debate the future of the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union in an exciting and innovative new Westminster Plus elective module in 2017.

Understanding Brexit: Complex Challenges, New Opportunities will be offered to Level 5 students and incoming study abroad students in 2017–18.

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum has raised significant questions about the future shape of our economic, political, and cultural lives. With the trigger of Article 50 last week, the University is encouraging its students to engage with one of the most significant constitutional changes in recent history.

This ‘hot topic’ Westminster Plus Elective module will help students understand Britain’s engagement and entanglement with the European Union. It will offer students a chance to understand some of the historical, legal, political, cultural and social dynamics of Brexit. More crucially, Westminster students will have a chance to work with experts who will inspire them to think creatively about some of the key challenges and identify policy solutions arising from Brexit.

The module will be taught by leading EU scholars from across the University and will feature a series of guest lecturers and speakers. As the process of leaving the European Union is unfolding, the module provides an opportunity to reflect on the changing contours of policy, governance, and power within Europe.

The module will appeal to those who want to make sense of the complexities of Brexit and to contribute to debates on the European Union from their own field of knowledge.

Dr Thomas Moore, who is the University’s Director of Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching, says that “this Westminster Plus Elective is being offered to showcase to our students the importance of working across disciplines in addressing contemporary social, economic and legal challenges. We are hoping that the module will attract students from across our University to bring together a rich range of thought and opinion on the question. The module isn’t just about politics, it is about looking at the key challenges of Brexit from a range of exciting perspectives. We hope that the module will appeal to our scientists, artists and our aspiring business leaders”.

As part of the assessment on the module, students will be asked to run a high-profile conference on Brexit with contributions from the broadest range of disciplines at the University of Westminster.

The Westminster Plus Electives are credit-bearing modules that provide undergraduate students with the chance to expand their professional, intellectual and career skills.

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