Dr Michael Newell, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, was quoted in an article by Mr Porter: The Daily about MCT Oil.


Explaining what MCT oils are, Dr Michael Newell said: “MCT oils, or medium-chain triglycerides, are types of fat molecules that have a specific length.” 

He explained that they were typically found as part of food, and said: “When you consume the isolated form [pure MCT oil], they are quickly absorbed in the gut and transported into the blood stream, unlike longer chain fatty acids that need additional processing before they become useful.” 

Dr Newell went on to discuss studies showing that a diet rich in MCT oil can reduce body weight, but warned that it hasn’t conclusively been confirmed as effective. He said: “A number of studies investigating the impact of MCT oil consumption on fat loss have been completed, but it is too early to say definitively if they are effective.”

Discussing recommendations of MCT oil consumption, Dr Newell confirmed that it is best to start with small doses, warning that too much can cause harm. He said: “Ingestion of greater than 20g can result in a rather rapid activation of your bowels.”

Read the full article on Mr Porter’s website.

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