Four Westminster Computer Games Development BSc Honours graduates have been featured in The Sun newspaper print and online versions as the winner of last year’s AppBox Media’s APPrentice competition for designing mobile games.

Every member of the winning Westminster team was offered a developer job at AppBox media last year. They now encourage current students to also submit entries in this year’s competition.

One of the graduates Sam Clarke said: “Winning the inaugural APPrentice competition last year was insane. To land a job straight out of university, doing something you love, is an opportunity too good to miss. I can’t recommend it highly enough and urge all qualifying students to get involved.”

Another winning Westminster alumnus Scott Anderson said: “I grew up playing video games on consoles and handheld devices. Later, I got introduced to apps when I got my first iPhone.

“I studied games development at uni and bought an iPad as I was getting interested in mobile games. I started a YouTube channel focusing on mobile app games, created one for my final year project and entered it into the APPrentice competition. I learned how to develop for mobile and optimising for lower-spec devices, as mobiles can’t run high-end PC or console graphics. I also learnt how to publish and market a game to get downloads.

“We won and I was rewarded with a job. No two days are the same and bringing your ideas to life is exciting.

This year’s competition is open until 8 January 2017. Find out more about the APPrentice competition.

Scott said: “For those applying for APPrentice, make it simple. Don’t create something too ambitious and make something addictive people will want to play.”

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Picture credit: Peter Jordan / The Sun

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