We have been informed by the Health Protection Agency that Measles has been confirmed in several Universities nationwide, as well as at a school in South West London.

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The North West London Health Protection Unit has given the following advice in relation to protecting you from this illness:

Two doses of the MMR vaccine are needed for complete protection against measles, mumps and rubella.

  • If you have had two doses of MMR there is no need for any further immunisation
  • If you have had only one dose of MMR, then we advise that you have a second dose
  • If you have not had any MMR, then we recommend that you have two doses 1 month apart.

If you have not had two doses of MMR vaccine or you are unsure, please arrange to receive these through your GP as soon as possible. If you are already infected with measles the MMR vaccine may reduce the severity of the illness and will also provide protection against mumps and rubella.

Please contact your GP/Practice Nurse to arrange MMR vaccination and take a copy of our measles outbreak letter with you:

Measles outbreak letter

If you are not registered with a GP and need this vaccine, please telephone the Marylebone Health Centre on 020 7935 6328.

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