Bioscience students are already carrying out experiments in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) project laboratory in the Cavendish Campus, which has been recently refurbished under the management of the Biosciences team leader in the Technical Services Department in FST.

The refurbishment and expansion of the working spaces and surfaces of the laboratory means more students will be able to use the lab simultaneously. The newly renovated work surfaces are made out of high-quality chemically resistant material and now allow students to carry out experiments more effectively. New cupboards and sinks have also been added as part of the refurbishment.

The laboratory refurbishment is of special importance as it enables students to work in a more spacious environment enhancing their learning experience. So far, 94 students have signed up to use the laboratory.


Anfah Saber, one of the students working tirelessly in the laboratory, said: “I am happy with the new lab as it is more spacious than it used to be. Also, it is cleaner and more organised, compared to other labs I’ve seen.”

Kim Storey, Bioscience Technical Team Leader in the Faculty of Science and Technology, who was managing the Refurbishment project, said: “After all the effort, it makes it worthwhile to see students enjoying working in the lab.”

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