Dr James Morgan, who is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events, has given a presentation at the Embassy Magazine Event Expo 2016.

Dr Morgan’s talk focused on ‘Event Technology for Embassy Events’ examining the different types of technology that can now be used in all aspects of events including technologies for event design and production logistics, event marketing and attendee engagement applications that enhance the experience.

A lively question and answer session on the benefits of the technology at events for embassies followed the presentation.

Dr James Morgan presented to 200 diplomats from 78 countries around the world. The conference aimed to educate Embassy Protocol Officers, as well as Trade, Cultural and Defence attachés on topics to improve their events.

Morgan said it was a challenge presenting to such a diverse audience. "Having diplomats from so many different cultures and at various stages of technology adoption meant that I had to firstly familiarize them all with the event technology landscape. I then talked about how technology in each of the various event life cycle areas could be deployed productively,” he said.

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