Anne-Gaelle Colom, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster’s Department of Computer Science, was featured in an article in Kettle Mag by Jamie Mercer where she spoke about how women could be encouraged to pursue tech jobs.

Colom explained that to increase the number of women in tech, we have to first interest female students in that career field. Then we should get more tech companies offering work experiences to secondary school students and showcasing how women can be successful.

She added: “In computer science and programming, we should ensure that students are taught using concrete and less abstract methods which tend to be more attractive and suitable for female students.”

When speaking about her own practices at the University of Westminster Colom said: "As a lecturer and developer in the Web Development field, I am trying to tackle the issue by mentoring female students. I have also developed a code visualiser, which turns any code entered into a visual representation in the form of a flow chart. This enables lecturers and students to view, develop and interact with code examples visually, and enable students to get a better understanding of programming.”

Read the full article here.


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