Stuart McNaughton, Lecturer in Marketing at Westminster Business School, reveals his unique journey to lecturing. Read Stuart's story about how it all started for him.

Being profoundly deaf, dependent on lip-reading and educated through mainstream schools is a combination I wouldn't wish on anybody. What got me through those years, however, was that I loved to learn.

Despite being mocked for years, I was the only one in my class who had a job when they left school. My thirst for knowledge continued – life was not complete if I was not learning something. I would work during the day and, at night, did courses in IT, Accounting and Marketing.

In the meantime, my social life ground to a  halt, and I was increasingly dependent on my family, too embarrassed to even  order my own food and drink in public for fear of committing another all too prevalent lip-reading faux pas. One day, I stormed into my audiologist's room, demanding help. I didn't belong in the deaf world and I was losing whatever grip I had in the hearing world, where people pitied me.

Read the full story in University Business Magazine out in May 2013.

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