A paper on coaching culture development written by Nick Kapoutzis, Head of Leadership and Organisational Development at the University of Westminster, was released by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) as a best practice case study.

The case study entitled ‘Developing a Coaching Culture’ explores what is being done within the University offering a good example and inspiration for other Higher Education institutions.

The main focus of Nick Kapoutzis’s case study is based on three development stages including developing coaching skills for managers, coaching as development intervention, and organisational conditions for effective coaching. He explains that the ambition is for individuals, teams and the University to experience the transformative nature of coaching style conversations and engender a high performing culture.

He commented: “The key driver to strengthen and accelerate our efforts towards developing a coaching culture was the launch of our Westminster 2020 Strategy in 2014. Westminster 2020 is underpinned by a commitment to enabling and empowering our staff to grow […] through a high quality staff experience.”

Speaking of the best practice case studies, Dr Lesly Huxley, Director of Membership and Organisational Development at LFHE, said: “The Coaching Case Studies provide real value to development and HR professionals who are looking to benchmark their institutions’ coaching approaches with others in the sector. They provide useful tips and tools for implementing institution-wide […] coaching interventions to provide support at all leadership levels.”

Nick Kapoutzis’s case study can be accessed online on the LFHE website after registering as member.

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