Lots of great ideas for change were put forward at the student led event Innovate! Co-create! on Wednesday 14 October. The event showcased how the University has been working in partnership with students.

We now have a shortlist of ideas generated and we are looking for students to join a 'students as co-creators' project team. Check out the project ideas and sign up to a team by filling in our Google form!

Each Faculty will run two 'students as co-creators' projects this academic year with students and academics working as partners to research ideas for improving your learning experience. Taking part in 'students as co-creators' will allow you to gain skills that will stand out on your CV and enhance your overall student experience.

To find out more about students as co-creators and submit your application check out our Google site.

Not yet got an idea? Have a look at the ideas generated and sign up to join a team.

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