Dr Ioannis Glinavos, Senior Lecturer in Law wrote a blog for Forbes on the similarities between Brexit and the ‘Euro’ dilemma Greece faced in the summer of 2015. 

Dr Glinavos started by explaining that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations really do resemble those Greece had to lead with its European partners. Predicting the outcome of Brexit negotiations, he defined both cases as “a chaotic descent into absurdity, followed by a demeaning capitulation”.

Later in the article, Dr Glinavos focused on what the political situation was like in Greece in January 2015 when the general elections were approaching and the expectations felt by Greek left wing party Syriza. Referring again to the current Brexit issue, he said: “Much as Brexit represented a revolt against politics as usual, Syriza was identified as the vehicle to a potential realignment, linking popular demands with economic management and reviving democracy in Europe.”

In conclusion, Dr Glinavos said: “As Britain enters negotiations full of unrealistic hopes that will soon shatter, Greece will be a stark reminder of what lies ahead. Greece, as with the U.K., has more to lose from a break down in relations than Europe. By activating the Article 50 process, Britain has lost control of what they have unleashed.”

Read the whole article on Forbes.

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