The Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture at Westminster Law School was delighted to continue its ongoing collaboration with Sheridans at this sold out event held in the historic Boardroom at the University of Westminster on 6 March.

Introduced by Guy Osborn (Westminster Law School) and Daniel Geey (Sheridans), the session began with Andrew Nixon (Head of Sports at Sheridans) providing a thought-provoking overview of esports’ context and scope, going a long way to ‘demystify’ the area and setting the scene for the panel that followed. Jonny Madill (Sheridans) ably chaired an illuminating discussion that included representatives from across the sector including Malph Minns (Managing Director of Strive Sponsorship), Chris Paget (Sheridans), Carleigh Morgan (PhD candidate at King's College London), Jon Tilbury (Strategy Manager, GAME) and Josh Williams (The NUEL).

Find out more about all the contributors.

The event was streamed live with the use of the Twitter hashtag #MNEsports and is now available to view in its entireity via our Directors' Cuts Sports section.

It concluded with a networking reception, sponsored by Westminster Law School, and was a success all round.

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