The University of Westminster’s College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries was invited to take part in Alexandra Palace summer festival ‘The Great Fete’ on Saturday 18 August to publicly showcase their collaborative pilot digital transformation projects.

Dr Li Jin, Senior Lecturer in Creative Computing, set up a research partnership and network with the Alexandra Palace Trust to inspire their visitors by providing a new, mixed media and creative technological approach to spread its story to wider audiences. The showcasing table included Google Arts & Culture, Microsoft Hololens AR and EEVO ‘Television’s Hidden Home’.

Westminster Computer Science students were encouraged to explore digital solutions with emerging creative technology, including Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in their final year projects. These piloting projects developed hands-on demonstrations of prototypes featured in the festival. The invited students were final year BSc Computer Science students Emre Irmak, Zaid Esmail, Petros De Doncker, and PhD student Dhuha Al-Shaikhli. 

The hands-on demonstration prototypes that were created exploited the immersiveness of VR/AR. These included ‘Step Back in Time’, a mobile VR-based interactive tour app of historic BBC studios that takes visitors back to 1930, and ‘Digital 3D Popping up’, a mobile interactive AR application showcasing in 3D historical equipment kept at BBC 1935 studio at Alexandra Palace.

Alexandra Palace Fete

The collaborative project provided fresh perspectives and windows onto inaccessible histories, spaces and collections. It was made out of practical exercises, examples and case studies that elaborate on digital transformation, increasing relevance and public engagement and impacts and sustainability of symbiotic relationships created. The University of Westminster’s College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries table was one of the most popular areas in the fete and had a huge number of visitors in different age groups. 

Talking about this project, Senior Lecturer Dr Li Jin, who set up the partnership, said: "We encourage our students to develop their abilities of grasping experience and transforming knowledge via this collaboration, appreciating the need for interdisciplinary approaches using digital creative technology."

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