Arthur Mamou-Mani, Lecturer at the University of Westminster, was interviewed for CNN Online and was featured in several other media outlets after his Galaxia design was announced as the Burning Man temple for 2018. 

Architecture magazine Design Curial described Arthur’s structure: “Galaxia will be made up of twenty timber trusses which converge in a spiral towards a centre point in the sky, forming the tower. These triangular trusses also form different paths towards the central space of the temple, where a giant 3D printed mandala will be placed, acting as the ‘heart’ of Galaxia.”

In an interview for CNN Online, Arthur talked about the inspiration behind the creation of Galaxia and the increasing use of digital technology in Architecture.

“I think that if we resist the advance in technology, we will be just falling back. We should anticipate the takeover of robots and learn - learn coding, learn mechanical engineering, learn digital fabrication, learn parametric tools, learn computer science. It's so important for the new generation to understand that because if we don't do it now, robots will take our jobs.”

Asked why he takes his students to the Burning Man festival every year, Arthur said: “Burning Man is very extreme, it's like an architecture boot camp - you take the students there not just for an architectural experience but also to experience community living. You are immersed into your art.”

Arthur Mamou-Mani and his structure Galaxia were also featured in the Design & Build Review,, KAKE TV, News Channel 36, Newswatch 35 and KTVK-TV Online.

Read the whole interview with Arthur Mamou-Mani on CNN Online’s website.

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