The 40 University of Westminster Clearing scholarships available are designed to make sure that the increasing number of academically gifted Clearing students, who come through the Clearing route because they did better than expected or who first apply to university through Clearing, do not miss out on scholarships which can be critical for disadvantaged students to be able to go to university.

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Normally, the deadlines of scholarships for the next academic year have passed by this time of the year meaning that without the availability of Clearing scholarships those who would need them the most could be put off from applying to university due to the associated costs.

Each of the University of Westminster Clearing scholarships is valued at £1500 per year for three years, totalling £4500 for each scholar, and is part of our ongoing commitment to widening participation in education and acknowledging both the costs and benefits of studying in London.

The scholarships are open to A-Level and International Baccalaureate students who achieve at least one grade or one IB point over the published standard entry requirement for their course, subject to an interview.

The award can be taken either as a cash award in January in each year of study towards living expenses, or money towards tuition fees.

Adrian Dutch, Director of Global Recruitment and Admissions, says: “Even though the number of 18-year olds has been in decline for a number of years, and is nearly 2 per cent lower than last year, the number of students in Clearing is expected to rise from 66,000 in 2018 to over 70,000 this year.

“As a result, more students come through Clearing who have done better than they expected or who are high achievers, which takes away some of the negativity historically associated with Clearing. Westminster has made 40 scholarships available exclusively for them to make it that much easier to start and complete their university studies which we know can have a life-changing impact.”

Find out more about the Clearing scholarships at the University of Westminster.

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