Claire Tranter, a PhD student and a part-time visiting lecturer in the Department of Psychology, has been announced as the recipient of the highly competitive BPS POST Postgraduate Award. 

Each year, one applicant is selected and appointed to assist in providing objective briefing material for MPs and parliamentarian’s on a psychological topic in the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

Claire Tranter completed her application for the BPS and POST Postgraduate Fellowship by outlining her current PhD research, and motivations for the fellowship, as well as a draft POSTnote - a briefing document on a psychological topic area, which has direct and relevant applications to current and upcoming public policy.

Claire’s research is focused on understanding social cognition - how people think and behave in the real or imagined presence of others. She investigates persuasion and decision-making as well as the effects of cognitive style, gender and ethnicity across traditional face-to-face and virtual reality environments. 

Speaking about her application, Claire said: “I was very excited when I heard about the opportunity for PhD students to work in Parliament and contribute to the research and work being done at Westminster, especially at a time when politics is dominating worldwide headlines.”

Talking about her academic support, Claire said:  “My Supervisor, Professor Coral Dando was extremely supportive because all of her work concerns the application of psychological science to the real world, and so she appreciated the importance of working in Parliament.”

 “Like Professor Dando, I too am passionate about conducting theoretically-relevant, psychological research within an applied setting and saw this as a rare opportunity to see first-hand how academia can directly influence political debate within Parliament’s chambers, and potentially even impact on policy and practice”, Claire said.

Claire Tranter will be starting her three-month secondment in The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in the spring of next year.

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