The China Media Centre (CMC), part of the
University of Westminster's global centre for media and social
change, has extended its activities this summer with courses for

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Two courses of three weeks have been run over the vacation with 38
second and third year students attending. They are mainly from the
Communication University of China in Beijing, where in
London they have been learning a mix of theory and

Lectures have covered the UK media scene, audiences and reality
television, whilst students have had to devise programme formats
and have them critiqued by industry professionals.

“This is a great venture from the CMC,” says Geoffrey Davies, Head
of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications. “I have
been really impressed with the quality of the students and their
massive enthusiasm. Their video work is very impressive and they
have some interesting views on London”.

In an online session looking at how the web has
evolved students took on the roles of futurologists and were
given half an hour to devise a future web system from current

Divided into groups, they suggested the web would be 3D and
more immersive and that users could communicate with each
other through thought. They also produced an ingenious
website from a map of the world which would adress green

As well as classes the groups have been on sightseeing tours and
trips to the BBC.

The China Media Centre has also run a course for 20 public
relations advisers from China this summer, is running a course for
a major Chinese television network In London and teaching
investigative journalism in China, both in October.

It launched in 2005 is
Europe's only organisation specializing in the world's largest
media system. 
It engages in research into
various aspects of China's media system; Knowledge
Transfer, with briefings for Hunan Broadcasting, Shanghai
Media Group, Shenzhen Television and other leading media
organisations on management and ideas in the UK creative
industries; and is involved in raising public awareness of
China with meetings and seminars in 11, Downing Street, and in
Parliament the Centre manages a wide variety of public

Press and media enquiries

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