We are seeking volunteers to take part in a research study on breast cancer, as part of a healthy control group for two ongoing studies:


  1. DietCompLyf is a study investigating diet, complementary medicine use, lifestyle factors and their effect on breast cancer recurrence
  2. Cadherin-5 is a protein biomarker whose presence in the blood of breast cancer patients has been shown to relate to the metastatic spread of the breast tumour to distant sites within the body

Both studies have been focussed on breast cancer recurrence / metastasis to date. We now seek to investigate whether the DietCompLyf and biomarker studies may be of use in the initial diagnosis of breast cancer. In order to do this we require healthy female control samples to compare to the breast cancer patients already enrolled on the ongoing studies.

The study will involve you:

  1. Completing two questionnaires. The first on personal information, such as age, number of children, menopausal status. The second a food frequency questionnaire which will inform us of your dietary habits. The two questionnaires will take about 15 minutes each to complete.
  2. Providing a blood and urine sample. This will be used as a healthy control to compare to samples previously collected from breast cancer patients. Please note blood samples include human tissue cells (and therefore DNA). You will be asked to give your consent for research to be undertaken on these samples.

Inclusion criteria

You must be a female under the age of 75 with no previous or current cancer.

All our studies are undertaken at our campus on New Cavendish Street in central London. We would ask you to come here at a time to suit you. Please fill in our registration form to select a time slot in which you will provide a serum and a urine sample. Once you have selected a vacant time slot we will email you the 2 questionnaires which we will ask you to complete and return to us before you come in to donate your blood and urine sample.

For further information please contact Simon Fry at [email protected].

Press and media enquiries

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