If you're a WBS postgraduate or undergraduate level 5 or 6 student, take the free Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) and connect with 20,000 employers.

Date: Thursday 21 May 2015
No preparation required, spaces are limited.

About the BAT test

The BAT is a multiple-choice exam designed to assess your aptitude for business and finance. You don't need to prepare or have a background in finance to do well in this test, as the questions will evaluate your ability rather than your knowledge in the area.

After taking the test, your scores will be entered anonymously into the BAT database, where over 20,000 top employers search for candidates for roles in areas such as consultancy, accounting, insurance, compliance, research and development, investment banking, sales, HR, trading, marketing, analytics and global data.

By taking this test, you'll:

  • discover roles in finance
  • highlight your BAT score on your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • be contacted for local and international job opportunities
  • if you're an international student, assess your business English

Register now and don’t miss your opportunity to be contacted by great employers worldwide.

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