Professor Mark Clapson, Lecturer in Social and Urban History at the University of Westminster, has written an article for the local online newspaper Business Milton Keynes for the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes’s establishment.

Professor Mark Clapson, resident of Milton Keynes for thirty years, wrote about the achievements the city has reached since its establishment.

As commonly called ‘The little Los Angeles of Buckinghamshire’, Milton Keyes has been described in this article as a model city “showing Britain how to think and plan big”. Since its establishment in the 1960s, Milton Keynes is said to have become a modern city being “the product of a bold vision of town planning” during the architectural golden age of Britain. The city’s origin, as Clapson pointed out, has been inspired by “the free-wheeling West Coast cities of California”. Its funder, Lord Llewelyn-Davies, a leading British architecture of the 20th century, was aiming to build a city for people willing to lead suburban lifestyles with accessible commuting routes.

The article also listed many achievements of the city, such as being “the largest planned new town in Britain with 13,000 hectares with the population of 250,000 inhabitants”. It has also been stated that Milton Keynes is “a hugely enterprising and diverse city with the highest number of business start-ups of any British city of comparable size.”

While Milton Keynes may appear as a modern and industrial city, Professor Clapson concluded the article with stressing that Milton Keynes is a green city with many landscaped pedestrian and cycling routes as well as woodlands, lakes and parklands.

Mark Clapson’s article will also be published in the print version of Business Milton Keynes magazine in the upcoming days.

Read the article in full on the Business Milton Keynes website.


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