Dr Arthur Molella, the Director of the Lemelson Center at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC), recently interviewed Simon Joss about current trends in sustainable urbanism. A particular focus of the interview is the growing interest in developing 'indicators', 'standards' and 'frameworks' for eco-cities, as a means of specifying urban sustainability through recognised, replicable processes.

The International Eco-City Initiative has embarked on a major research effort to analyse and compare current concepts and practices of urban sustainability indicators, standards and frameworks. The first output is the 'Bellagio statement' drawn up by an international group of 18 experts in autumn 2012. This work is now being taken forward through an international network - Tomorrow's City Today - involving ten organisations, with funding from the Leverhulme Trust.

Dr Arthur Molella is one of the co-partners in this initiative. He is author, together with Robert Kargon, of the influential book Invented Edens. Techno-Cities of the 20th Century (MIT Press, 2008). The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation is a major international centre for research and public engagement.

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