Dr Aidan Hehir has been interviewed by the Daily Express and BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland show on what can be expected from President-elect Donald Trump when it comes to foreign policy.

The Reader in International Relations at the University of Westminster was quoted in the print version of the Daily Express, saying that Mr Trump had “dimished the credibility” of Nato as a peacekeeper and raised the likelihood of war.

The online version of Daily Express quotes Dr Hehir more extensively, elaborating that “Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty stipulates that an armed attack against a Nato member ‘shall be considered an attack against them all. Trump has stated publicly that he will not necessarily abide by this commitment if Russia invades Latvia, Lithuania and/or Estonia. The prospects of an armed attack by Russia against these states naturally increases if Russia believes that Nato’s collective defence commitment is suspended.”

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Talking to Gary Robertson in the Good Morning Scotland programme, Dr Hehir said: “It’s very difficult to work out what the foreign policy of Donald Trump is going to be. It’s not something that he has got a very coherent plan to. The few things he has said seem to suggest that he is inclined more towards a more isolationist and protectionist position, and that his outlook is more orientated towards maintaining order in the world rather than engaging in extensive state building or privatisation programmes.”

Regarding what Trump means for Britain, Dr Hehir said: “Trump’s foreign policy and Trumps’ position on global economics are things that one might not necessarily support but he is somebody who in a post-Brexit UK could well help the UK to carve out an independent stance and be much more inclined to a purely economic based foreign policy.

“But in another stance of course he could be a disaster internally within the US and whether you want the UK to become an isolationist, money-orientated country in the world is a different matter.”

Listen to the full interview from 2:10:38 on BBC iPlayer.

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